Report us any information about Kaori-chan

Situation Missing since Oct.1st, 1991 from her neighborhood,
Honjuku-chou, Yokohama-city.
Name Nomura Kaori
Age Born on March 30th, 1983
23 years old in March, 2006
Was 8 when she disappeared.
Appearance Her hair was cut short.
Her eyes are large and round.
Clothes Wore a white yacht parka, 
dark blue skirt made of denim 
and a pair of pink boots.
Belongings Had a light brown umbrella with blue and white checks on it.
Also had a red bag with the picture of "Kitty-chan" on.

The girl of this picture "Kaori-chan" has been missing since the afternoon of Ocber 1st, 1991 from her neighborhood in Yokohama.

We need your help

One little girl disappeared from the front of mother on October 1 (14 years ago).
It was a sudden happening.
A happy family went to the world in the darkness completely.
We issued gthe monthly mother business world newspaperh after ten years since we had begun activities.
Whatfs mother like?
I was very serious to return to motherfs origin.
I began to stick to motherfs point of view and the journalism.
One day I remembered the event of the Kaori from somewhere in my mind.
That was very long time ago.
I have lost my daughter who was 5 years old at that time in Ueno zoo.
That happened from my slight carelessness.
I couldnft stop my feet trembling.
That was only 30 minutes to find out my daughter, but it was exorbitantly long time for me.
I could do nothing at all.
Mother, newspaper, experience.
Is it casual necessity?
Anyway, I wanted to do something.
I canft understand or share the distress that Kaorifs mother has for 11 years.
However, is anything we can do for her as the same mother?
There must be something we can do as a mother.
For example letfs tell the story of this event to the children.
A child thinks over about it if a mother tells seriously.
The importance of the life, or motherfs love.
If we mother start moving, a person in the neighborhood is supposed to follow us certainly, too.
Only an adult can protect a child.
We cannot change our love with anything.
We need your help to search for Kaori.

 inewspaper company Trantan(30ans.) Rep.  Yuko Fujimotoj

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the special investigation headquarters of the Asahi office in Kanagawa prefecture
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